The influence: read, share & shop

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The Infuence

With the explosion of celebrity culture in the 21st century, retailers, brands and consumers alike have long looked to celebrities for style inspiration. Nowadays you are just as likely to see an actress or singer featured in a fashion editorial as a model and if you can get Kate Middleton to don one of your frocks, well that’s a sartorial … Read More

MCL launches new supplier collaborator application

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Supplier Collaborator

MCL has just launched the new version of its Supplier Collaborator software, having re-engineered it and made it more focused than its predecessor. Its purpose is still to help retailers, brand owners and manufacturing agents with their ethical sourcing. Built on a new software platform, Supplier Collaborator has these main functions Finding, verifying and adopting new suppliers Managing ethical and … Read More

Spatch: a new email communication tool for supplier collaboration

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Anyone who has had the arduous task of trying to manage product development workflow, especially supplier collaboration, through email will know how inefficient and difficult it can be. With bulging inboxes, it is all too easy to miss important information leading to missed deadlines or other costly mistakes such as a change to the to tech pack that goes unnoticed. … Read More

An interview with Mark Burstein, NGC : PLM without boundaries

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NGC Mark Burstein

Apparel Thing caught up with Mark Burstein, President of Sales, Marketing and R&D at NGC to find out more about what “PLM Without Boundaries” means… AT: Can you explain to us what “PLM Without Boundaries” means? MB: PLM without boundaries goes far beyond the scope of traditional PLM, providing a central repository to orchestrate all information, processes, departments and geographies … Read More

In-Cat! – create database linked InDesign documents

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As part of a recent client project I came across a fantastic tool that I think you, dear readers, may well appreciate too. Here’s the lowdown… In-Cat!, by E-Spec, is an extension for Adobe InDesign that enables the user to generate automatic line sheets, storyboards, catalogs and graphical reports from any standard database. This could be taking images and data … Read More

PLM: how to survive the change

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Change Ahead

Change. Did you shudder at that word? If not, then congratulations you are certainly in the minority, as unfortunately most people seem positively allergic, if not to the word, then certainly to the actual practise of change.  The problem with a PLM implementation, or any other enterprise level project for that matter, is CHANGE is abundant by the bucket load … Read More

Useful apps for fashion designers : shop the market apps

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Shop the market apps

I remember back in the day when competitor shopping used to be a prime exercise in inventive sneaking. Okay there was the odd occasion that you were actually given a budget to buy samples, but in more cases than not it was taking Burberry ready-to-wear blouses into the changing rooms in Selfridges and mimicking a chesty cough to cover the … Read More