PLM: why a good demo is so important

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PLM demo building

So you’ve got a fantastic system. Under the hood, the architecture is slick and robust. The UI looks just the driver to control the engine. The features are broad and deep. So why are you having difficulty persuading potential clients to go further with you than a first base demo? Well perhaps it’s the demo itself. Many PLM providers underestimate … Read More

The importance of apparel PLM data libraries

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PLM library data

The one common denominator in all the apparel PLM implementations I have done is clients not only underestimate the importance of data libraries but they also drastically underestimate the effort required in producing them. As the old saying goes “you only get out what you put in” and PLM is no different. People too often get consumed in meticulously revamping … Read More

Screenhero for sample evaluation collaboration

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Screen sharing is not a new concept; giants such as Webex and Skype have been around for a long time. However, whilst certainly useful for running presentations remotely they are somewhat dictatorial, with a “presenter” controlling the screen and other participants merely viewers. Of course you have the facility to pass the controls, but the process is not fluid, not … Read More

PLM : don’t forget the hardware

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Whether it’s an off-the-shelf desktop application or a full blown enterprise solution, all software comes with hardware recommendations for optimum performance. Everybody knows that. So when I say “don’t forget the hardware”, I’m not for a minute suggesting you have taken leave of your senses and are planning to go live with a 200+ user PLM system, running on the … Read More

Useful apps for fashion designers : colour apps

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Colour apps

myPantone Price: $7.99 Android / $9.99 IOS For Android: Yes For IOS: Yes Okay so this one won’t really come as a surprise but as Pantone is The standard when it comes to colour standards in fashion and apparel it had to be included in our list. And anyway we thought we’d ease you in gently with something predictable. Despite … Read More

Apparel PLM: User Rebellion?

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PLM user rebellion

Don’t you just love those moments where some other like-minded soul publicly advocates what you have been saying for years. Well I had one of those moments today after reading Karen Appleton’s “Workplace Rebellion: Savvy Workers Drive Technology Transformation” article for the Huffington Post. “Why is it that consumer technologies make sharing so easy, while our workplace resources linger in … Read More

The Impact of UI on UA

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user interface

In an industry already littered with acronyms, let’s throw another one into the mix – “UA”, or in its unabbreviated form, User Acceptance. As with any other software implementation, one of the key contributing factors to a successful PLM project, and subsequent level of ROI, is the ease of which the new technology is adopted into the user community. The … Read More

Adobe Illustrator – Best Fit CAD for the Design Community

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adobe illustrator for fashion design

A Brief History of Digital Garment Design CAD (Computer Aided Design) has been used in the apparel industry for many years now and has evolved over time to cover many different aspects of the garment design and development process. In the early days CAD programs allowed 2D representations of garments to be developed on screen, from detailing design elements to … Read More