Here at apparel thing we very much like a spot of fashion, though a stripe or a polka dot will also suffice. Contradictorily, we also happen to be closet geeks, which is not a particularly common phenomenon.
buttonsPlenty of online resources already exist dedicated to the fashion and apparel industry as a whole and there is more than a mere splattering of websites bringing you the latest in software technology. What has been missing until now is a digital publication merging the two, meaning a whole lot of fluff to sift through to find relevant tools and tips if it’s apparel software you seek.

Now that we’ve been in the game and on the ground for many years, we think we know the ins and outs of the fashion and apparel business pretty darn well and have a spanking good idea of the tools and technology; a) that exist, b) that work and c) that don’t, aimed at helping said businesses to ‘get products to market’ (we haven’t promised to avoid jargon yet, so thought we’d throw some in before we do).


We’re always on the look-out for shiny new tools and technology, which we promise not to keep to ourselves but will share with you here on Apparel Thing. From enterprise solutions, right down to handy mobile apps for fashion designers; from what to look for in a new solution to from-the-front-line pitfalls to avoid during implementation, we’ve got the low down, the dirty and the giddy-up. Over the next few months we’ll also be introducing an innovative range of services aimed at lifting the fog for those who are buying and implementing, giving a push out of the mud for those who are selling, and shining a light on the path for those lurking round the edges.

If it’s fashion and technology; it’s an apparel thing.