In-Cat! – create database linked InDesign documents

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As part of a recent client project I came across a fantastic tool that I think you, dear readers, may well appreciate too. Here’s the lowdown… In-Cat!, by E-Spec, is an extension for Adobe InDesign that enables the user to generate automatic line sheets, storyboards, catalogs and graphical reports from any standard database. This could be taking images and data … Read More

Screenhero for sample evaluation collaboration

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Screen sharing is not a new concept; giants such as Webex and Skype have been around for a long time. However, whilst certainly useful for running presentations remotely they are somewhat dictatorial, with a “presenter” controlling the screen and other participants merely viewers. Of course you have the facility to pass the controls, but the process is not fluid, not … Read More

Adobe Illustrator – Best Fit CAD for the Design Community

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adobe illustrator for fashion design

A Brief History of Digital Garment Design CAD (Computer Aided Design) has been used in the apparel industry for many years now and has evolved over time to cover many different aspects of the garment design and development process. In the early days CAD programs allowed 2D representations of garments to be developed on screen, from detailing design elements to … Read More

Useful Tools and Apps for Fashion Designers

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Adobe Kuler

Now here’s a little something for all you Fashion Designers out there… Most designers have heard of Photoshop and Illustrator, but I have discovered that few are aware of any other nifty applications available, that not only have a fit for fashion but are also either cheap as chips or better still, free. Admittedly, many of these tools are originally … Read More