Supplier Collaboration – Why it is needed more than ever

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Supplier Collaborator

Greater supply chain challenges Supply chain challenges have increased for many retailers due to globalisation and uncertain economic times. Executives involved in the retail supply chain have found that an increasing number of products have to be moved more expediently than ever before, whilst costs have to be minimised in today’s competitive marketplace. With the increased use of social media … Read More

MCL launches new supplier collaborator application

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Supplier Collaborator

MCL has just launched the new version of its Supplier Collaborator software, having re-engineered it and made it more focused than its predecessor. Its purpose is still to help retailers, brand owners and manufacturing agents with their ethical sourcing. Built on a new software platform, Supplier Collaborator has these main functions Finding, verifying and adopting new suppliers Managing ethical and … Read More

An interview with Mark Burstein, NGC : PLM without boundaries

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NGC Mark Burstein

Apparel Thing caught up with Mark Burstein, President of Sales, Marketing and R&D at NGC to find out more about what “PLM Without Boundaries” means… AT: Can you explain to us what “PLM Without Boundaries” means? MB: PLM without boundaries goes far beyond the scope of traditional PLM, providing a central repository to orchestrate all information, processes, departments and geographies … Read More

PLM: how to survive the change

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Change Ahead

Change. Did you shudder at that word? If not, then congratulations you are certainly in the minority, as unfortunately most people seem positively allergic, if not to the word, then certainly to the actual practise of change.  The problem with a PLM implementation, or any other enterprise level project for that matter, is CHANGE is abundant by the bucket load … Read More

PLM: why a good demo is so important

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PLM demo building

So you’ve got a fantastic system. Under the hood, the architecture is slick and robust. The UI looks just the driver to control the engine. The features are broad and deep. So why are you having difficulty persuading potential clients to go further with you than a first base demo? Well perhaps it’s the demo itself. Many PLM providers underestimate … Read More

The importance of apparel PLM data libraries

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PLM library data

The one common denominator in all the apparel PLM implementations I have done is clients not only underestimate the importance of data libraries but they also drastically underestimate the effort required in producing them. As the old saying goes “you only get out what you put in” and PLM is no different. People too often get consumed in meticulously revamping … Read More