Alive Shoes: create your own shoe brand, no start up costs

Jo HugheseCommerce, innovation

Alive Shoes

Yes you read the title correctly. Imagine being able to design and sell shoes through your own brand, with no start up costs. Well that’s exactly what new start up Alive Shoes is offering budding designers out there. In a model similar to drop-shipping, Alive Shoes provides a powerful design platform for you to design your own shoes, customise your … Read More

Iconeme: mannequins that talk to your smartphone

Jo HugheseCommerce, innovation, mobile apps

VM Beacon

The fashion and retail landscape has long been omni-channel, with clear distinctions between each channel. However that is now changing and the channel lines are blurring thanks to a revolutionary new technology, VMBeacon. VMBeacon brings together the traditional retail store and online retailing with interactive shop window mannequins that communicate directly to passing smartphones via the Iconeme app, allowing the … Read More

Holodeck: the future of sampling?

Jo Hughesinnovation

Octane Render

One of the downsides of a global supply chain is the challenges it presents during the sampling process. The resulting miscommunication from trying to collaborate over disparate locations often leads to costly errors, and shipping multiple physical samples often from one continent to another adds weeks to the overall lead time. For years fashion technology providers have been trying to … Read More

Spatch: a new email communication tool for supplier collaboration

Jo Hughesinnovation, mobile apps


Anyone who has had the arduous task of trying to manage product development workflow, especially supplier collaboration, through email will know how inefficient and difficult it can be. With bulging inboxes, it is all too easy to miss important information leading to missed deadlines or other costly mistakes such as a change to the to tech pack that goes unnoticed. … Read More

Screenhero for sample evaluation collaboration

Jo Hughesdesktop apps, innovation


Screen sharing is not a new concept; giants such as Webex and Skype have been around for a long time. However, whilst certainly useful for running presentations remotely they are somewhat dictatorial, with a “presenter” controlling the screen and other participants merely viewers. Of course you have the facility to pass the controls, but the process is not fluid, not … Read More