Styleicona: how the selfie will help fashion retailers bring products to market

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It wasn’t going to be long before someone commercialised the “selfie” for retail. A newly launched app from Styleicona has done exactly that. The basic premise behind the app is consumers are able to get real time feedback on their purchases or potential purchases (think quick selfies from the changing rooms) from an online community of users, helping them make … Read More

Iconeme: mannequins that talk to your smartphone

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VM Beacon

The fashion and retail landscape has long been omni-channel, with clear distinctions between each channel. However that is now changing and the channel lines are blurring thanks to a revolutionary new technology, VMBeacon. VMBeacon brings together the traditional retail store and online retailing with interactive shop window mannequins that communicate directly to passing smartphones via the Iconeme app, allowing the … Read More

Spatch: a new email communication tool for supplier collaboration

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Anyone who has had the arduous task of trying to manage product development workflow, especially supplier collaboration, through email will know how inefficient and difficult it can be. With bulging inboxes, it is all too easy to miss important information leading to missed deadlines or other costly mistakes such as a change to the to tech pack that goes unnoticed. … Read More

Useful apps for fashion designers : shop the market apps

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Shop the market apps

I remember back in the day when competitor shopping used to be a prime exercise in inventive sneaking. Okay there was the odd occasion that you were actually given a budget to buy samples, but in more cases than not it was taking Burberry ready-to-wear blouses into the changing rooms in Selfridges and mimicking a chesty cough to cover the … Read More

Useful apps for fashion designers : colour apps

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Colour apps

myPantone Price: $7.99 Android / $9.99 IOS For Android: Yes For IOS: Yes Okay so this one won’t really come as a surprise but as Pantone is The standard when it comes to colour standards in fashion and apparel it had to be included in our list. And anyway we thought we’d ease you in gently with something predictable. Despite … Read More