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The fashion and retail landscape has long been omni-channel, with clear distinctions between each channel. However that is now changing and the channel lines are blurring thanks to a revolutionary new technology, VMBeacon. VMBeacon brings together the traditional retail store and online retailing with interactive shop window mannequins that communicate directly to passing smartphones via the Iconeme app, allowing the user purchase the look online, save it or share it with friends via social networks. Alternatively the app can just tell you where in store you can find the items.

One of the obvious benefits is that the shop window becomes a selling portal 24 hours a day so even when the store is closed if a consumer sees something that catches their eye they can still make that impulse purchase. Another benefit is that consumers already prefer to use their smartphones whilst shopping in store rather than store assistants, for example to check prices or to get product reviews, so VMBeacon is tapping into this preference. This is supported by research by Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council 2013 that states “84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices to help shop while in a store”.

VMBeacon has already been adopted by some big high street names with House of Fraser, Jaeger & Hawes and Curtis having rolled out the technology last week (12th August).

To see VMBeacon and the Iconeme app in action, check out the video below.


Download Iconeme app for Android

Download Iconeme for Android





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