Styleicona: how the selfie will help fashion retailers bring products to market

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It wasn’t going to be long before someone commercialised the “selfie” for retail. A newly launched app from Styleicona has done exactly that.

The basic premise behind the app is consumers are able to get real time feedback on their purchases or potential purchases (think quick selfies from the changing rooms) from an online community of users, helping them make purchasing decisions. They’ll also be able to tag brands and locations on the selfies they upload.

So what’s in it for the retailers? The app will collect data highlighting specific marketing trends that the retailers can then use to develop new product lines, identify key styles and make quick, market trend driven line decisions.

The app is currently being tested at Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre via a collaboration with the centre’s owner’s, Land Securities, and Styleicona’s investor TrueStart.

Sean Curtis, head of marketing for retail at Land Securities, said: “We know from research that personalisation is key for today’s multi-channel shopper, and this new platform will complement how consumers interact with their smart phones while they shop, while also enabling retailers to stay ahead of key fashion and market trends.”

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Jo Hughes
With a background in fashion design, Jo has worked with many international retail and apparel companies, implementing solutions to help them work more efficiently to develop products.

She has a detailed understanding of the apparel product development process and the supporting systems including PLM, PDM, CAD and 3D garment design.