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screenhero_logoScreen sharing is not a new concept; giants such as Webex and Skype have been around for a long time. However, whilst certainly useful for running presentations remotely they are somewhat dictatorial, with a “presenter” controlling the screen and other participants merely viewers. Of course you have the facility to pass the controls, but the process is not fluid, not real-time, meaning that these tools only really lend themselves to presentation, not collaboration.

Unsurprisingly screen sharing has not been adopted in the product development process, despite a clear need for tools that enable remote collaboration between geographically separated design, sampling and manufacturing departments. Screenhero may be just the tool to plug the collaboration gap.

Screenhero makes every application truly collaborative, with real time collaboration functionality. It even works cross platform, Mac and Windows. There are no meetings to schedule, just use the app to instantly connect to the contact(s) you want to collaborate with and everyone has their own mouse pointer on the screen and can edit directly into the same document, at the same time. So imagine you are trying to discuss a particularly complex construction with a supplier, you can both be pointing, annotating and discussing (via built in voice chat) to make sure both parties really understand the requirements and changes, cutting down on sample iterations.

Screenhero is currently in beta and is free. Once out of beta there will be a charge but they have yet to announce the details, other than it is likely to be subscription based.



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Jo Hughes
With a background in fashion design, Jo has worked with many international retail and apparel companies, implementing solutions to help them work more efficiently to develop products.

She has a detailed understanding of the apparel product development process and the supporting systems including PLM, PDM, CAD and 3D garment design.