So you’ve got a really nifty piece of software or app. It wasn’t developed for the apparel and retail industry but you’ve got an inkling it could be a good fit but don’t know how best to approach this market.

apparel thing can…

  • Analyse your solution and tell you how it can best be used to address challenges in the fashion and retail industry.
  • Advise on functional enhancements to tailor the solution towards apparel and retail.
  • Help to identify USPs.
  • Educate you on the typical business processes in the apparel and retail industry such as product development and the associated terminology so that you can talk the language with potential clients in this vertical.
  • Help you devise sales materials and presentations that catch the attention of decision makers.
  • Help to identify likely benefits to prospects.
  • Help you plan and build demos that are process driven and address the challenges faced in the industry.
  • Help you identify suitable prospects.
  • Help to produce and deliver training.

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