Many PLM providers underestimate the power of a good demo in selling their value proposition. PLM can be somewhat of a behemoth to comprehend, especially to those who have had limited exposure to PLM previously. An unfocused demo with poor or sparse demo data can be catastrophic in making a good first impression to the client.

A good demo is a very labour intensive and time consuming thing to build, particularly when you want to make sure you have the same quality of demo for a number of different product groups, from homeware to lingerie, and business models including retailing and manufacturing. Even with the best intentions it can be very difficult to dedicate resource to building these comprehensive demos, particularly ones that are tailored to each prospect.

apparel thing provides a specialist demo building service that ensures you have the best possible demo available for your potential prospects. With have many years experience of building business winning demos for a variety of major PLM providers and prospects, we understand exactly what is required to make your system shine. Our demo building service is split into two unique packages, one to help you build a standard demo, the second to build a prospect specific demo:

Standard Demo

  • Visually and data rich, realistic content across as many product types as you require for your target prospects.
  • Demos tailored for retailers, brands and manufacturers as required.
  • Demo scripts tailored for different business processes.
  • Comprehensive fabric libraries including images, construction, pricing and sourcing data.
  • Comprehensive trim libraries including images, construction, pricing and sourcing data.
  • Realistic POM (point of measure), grading and measurement libraries for all product types included in the demo.
  • Beautifully drawn Adobe Illustrator product images.
  • Realistic and data rich library of vendors including agents, suppliers, factories and raw material suppliers.
  • How to measure images for all product types in the demo.
  • Construction images for all product types in the demo.
  • Complete product specifications for all product types in the demo. Includes examples of FOB sourced and CMT (cut, make and trim) sourced products.
  • Option to produce demo videos as leave behinds.

Prospect Specific Demo

As above but with additional…

  • Preliminary Demo Questionnaire document template designed specifically for your system.
  • Demo tailored to your prospect through receipt of a populated Preliminary Demo Questionnaire, example specifications and online research (all three, or whichever available).
  • Demo to contain their product types, business structure, images, terminology and data.

To read more on why a good demo is so important to successful sales then click here.

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